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New Site and App Launching Soon!

We are creating a whole new look and a more universal way to deliver the very best in beginning reading instruction available to your child.

UPDATE: Although we are still working to complete the new funnix.com website, our new web-based app is ready to go. If you'd like early access to the new Funnix Beginning Reading app, please complete the form (link below) and we'll send you the necessary information to register and subscribe. Also, by subscribing with this early access, we'll provide you with a special bonus.

Be sure to add fun@funnix.com to your contacts, so that you don't miss the announcement!

Please complete the form and well make sure to notify you when the new website and app go live!

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Funnix Beginning Math Workbook

Funnix Beginning Math Workbook | Products
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Funnix Beginning Math Workbook

This is optional material for the Funnix Beginning Math package. The Funnix Beginning Math package include workbook exercises throughout each lesson. The bound version of the Workbook is the same pages as the printable files provided in the Funnix Beginning Math package, minus the hassle of you printing the material.  

Price: $10.00


Funnix Beginning Math Workbook | Products Funnix Beginning Math Workbook | Products